MOTOMAN PL80 - New palletizing and handling robot for payloads up to 80 kg

A few months after the launch of the new generation of high-performance palletizing robots, Yaskawa is adding a further family member to our Motoman PL series in the lower payload range: The new Motoman PL80 easily palletizes loads up to 80 kg and features exceptionally fast axis speeds for optimum production output.


Thanks to its kinematics, the small palletizing and handling robot of the Motoman PL series is ideally suited for case palletizing, carton palletizing, layer picking and layer forming for example in the growing logistics and e-commerce market. Very high palletizing cycles are called for here, and the PL80 meets these requirements with over 800 cycles per hour.

The Motoman PL80 features low overall height, slim design and a small footprint which is especially in areas where space is often at a premium. Despite its very compact and slim design, the manipulator has sufficient horizontal and vertical reach for versatile applications, for example when it comes to end-of-line palletizing.

The robust design of the wrist - protected against dust and liquids from entering (IP67) - also allows the Motoman PL80 to be used continuously in rough working conditions. In addition, the required power and control cables for all vacuum and servo grippers can be routed close to the robot arm up to the wrist in a collision-free manner, thus ensuring that any palletizing task can be carried out.

The optimally harmonised and kinematically slim structure, in conjunction with the latest in-house Sigma-7 drive technology, ensures exceptionally fast acceleration and speeds with a very high repeatability of +/- 0.03 mm.

High-performance controller MOTOMAN YRC1000

All robots in the Motoman PL series operate using the compact high-performance YRC1000 controller, which provides a wide range of track planning and communication functions. The controller also manages the synchronised control of movements, function grippers or tracks. The combination with the optional Functional Safety Control Unit (FSU) for safeguarding and reducing the size of compact working areas is ideal.

PLC system programmers can program the robot in their familiar IEC61131-compliant PLC programming environment via function blocks using the unique MotoLogix interface, which is particularly attractive in logistics automation.  You no longer need a special robot programmer and integration into PLC control is significantly simplified.


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