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Robotic packaging solutions

From simple case loaders to complete final packaging lines!

In the last few decades packaging robots have changed the world of packaging automation. Thanks to this development there are now more possibilities than we had ever thought. The use of packaging robots mostly involves customisation.

We are a system integrator of the renowned robot suppliers Yaskawa and Fanuc and now have more than forty years of experience in the design and delivery of robotic solutions for:

We analyse your packaging needs. We discuss with you the various possibilities in order to eventually come to the perfect solution for your packaging needs.

The projects can vary from simple robot case loaders to complete final packaging and palletising lines.    

Your advantages from using robots:

  • Favourable payback period 
  • Promotes good working conditions
  • Maximum freedom of movement
  • High capacity and efficiency; one robot can often take care of the packaging of several lines
  • Flexible due to quick-change grippers
  • Highly reliable technology

The advantages of Robertpack for you as customer:

  • More than 45 years of experience
  • A team of experts in our professional field
  • Our own mechanical and software engineering
  • Customisation and top quality
  • Very good service
  • A solid and reliable partner
  • Solutions from single cells to complete final packaging lines


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