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About bedo Verpackungstechnik GmbH

Since1 October 2011, we have been the exclusive partner in the Netherlands of bedo Verpackungstechnik GmbH of Lübeck (G).

Case erectors, case sealers and side loaders

bedo Verpackungstechnik of Lübeck (G) has been a manufacturer of case erectors, case sealers, and side loaders for American folding cases, trays, wrap-around packaging and display trays with lid packaging systems for more than 45 years.

Robertpack offers total solutions

Developments in display packaging and especially in discounters are taking place at a rapid pace. Robotics or linear technology are used depending on the application. bedo has long been applying the linear Servo technology and has a large number of references for a wide range of applications. bedo is also a manufacturer of a complete line of case erectors with high reliability and special features that enable high reliability even when low-quality cases are used. The case erector is often the most critical factor, especially in fully-automated packaging lines. By integrating bedo case erectors, Robertpack is able to guarantee even better results. Combined with the bedo case, tray and lid placers and the various, flexible robotic palletising solutions, we offer a total solution for automating your production line. 


The bedo Verpackungstechnik product portfolio includes: 

  • Case erectors series 11
  • Case erectors series 12
  • Case sealers
  • Horizontal packaging lines:
    • side loaders
    • tray packers
    • wrap-around packers
  • Vertical packaging lines:
    • Pick & Place packers
  • Lidding machines

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bedo® stands for: 

  • Experience
  • Customer focus
  • Flexibility
  • Quality



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