ARD Automatic Robot Debander

ARD Automatic Robot Debander for the beverage industry (among others)

The robot locates, cuts and removes plastic straps automatically. 

Strap and label (if any) are separated!

While feeding the strap into the shredder, it also checks whether a label is present on the strap. When the shredder detects the label, it is cut off and separated from the strap.

The advantage of this is separate waste: one waste stream with straps cut into small pieces and one waste stream with labels. The straps that are cut into small pieces can be recycled.

The complete cycle is repeated until all pre-programmed straps have been removed. At the end of the cycle, the robot checks if all straps have been removed.

Suitable for different types of top frames:

  • Steel
  • Plastic 
  • Wood

The advantages of Robertpack for you as customer:

  • More than 45 years of experience
  • A team of experts in our professional field
  • Our own mechanical and software engineering
  • Customisation and top quality
  • Very good service
  • A solid and reliable partner
  • Solutions from single cells to complete final packaging lines


Our ARD is operating successfully since 2015 at:

Advantages Robertpack ARD Automatic Robot Debander:

  • Suitable for different types of top frames (wood/plastic/steel)
  • Separate waste stream
  • Integration possibilities in existing pallet transport system
  • System with high efficiency (OEE) and self-solving capabilities. Standard equipped with extensive data logging allowing the efficiency to be monitored.


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