Robot HandlingHandling - material handling robots

Robots for handling applications

Save time, space and heavy physical work!

The material handling application often involves complex, heavy and/or hazardous repetitive actions. Robots can take over from you these unpleasant, tedious and unsafe tasks in your production line and improve the efficiency of your production line and increase your output.

We have over 45 years of experience in designing and delivering robotic applications and increasingly deploy these for handling applications. We develop and deliver fully customer-specific robot cells for the automation of these activities and we build a special gripper for each application.  In combination with the smart vision systems, it is possible to work without mechanical product positioning systems.

The advantages of material handling with robots:

  • Highly efficient and economically attractive solutions.
  • Saves time, space and heavy physical work.
  • Tailor-made solutions.
  • Reliable with minimal maintenance costs.
  • 4, 5, and 6-axis robots with payload capacities of up to 2,300 kg. 

Many applications

Material handling robots can be used for many applications.  We have a wealth of experience in, for example: 

    The advantages of Robertpack for you as customer:

    • More than 45 years of experience.
    • A team of experts in our professional field.
    • Our own mechanical and software engineering.
    • Custom-made and top quality.
    • Very good service.
    • A solid and reliable partner.
    • Solutions from single cells to complete final packaging lines.


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