Training programmes

We train your technical personnel!

We consider it important to train your personnel well so that they are able to optimally use the systems that we have delivered. Both in the daily use and in resolving failures. We have various training possibilities for this.

Operator training

Specific training helps in the optimal operation of a robotic system! Your operators after all have to be able to correctly use the system. We train your operators in the procedures they have to carry out. We ensure that the training is well in line with your target group.

Technical training

We can also train your technical personnel. We train your personnel in having greater insight into the applied techniques. This enables your technicians to make better diagnoses in the event of emergencies. Our aim is to give you as customer as many as possible tools to resolve any emergencies yourself.

Together with you, we determine which training best fits your personal situation. We can arrange the training both onsite and at our offices in Zwolle.


Do you want more information on our training?

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