Robertpack Industrial & Packaging Equipment was founded in 1976.

During the first few years complete lines of pallet wrapper machines were developed and built. In addition, there was an intense collaboration with DAN Conveyor a/s for palletising solutions. In the subsequent years we have continued to specialise further in the delivery of product packaging machines such as flow packers, thermoformers, top sealers, shrink packaging lines, etc. In doing so, we worked with various renowned factories abroad.

To date this has formed a solid basis of practical experience in and insight into the entire process from primary packaging to palletising.

The introduction of robots in the packaging industry

In the 1980s, Robertpack decided to build scara robots itself in order to use them for palletising applications.

The technological development continued and in the subsequent years increasingly more robots were developed by worldwide operating robot suppliers that also turned out to be ideal for deployment in the packaging industry.

In the mid 1990s, Robertpack decided to replace its scara robots with Yaskawa/Motoman robots. At the time, Robertpack was the leader in its field, and realised a large number of palletising projects in the Benelux, and with prominent German partners some systems for projects worldwide.

System supplier of complete (robot) projects

Since 2000, robots have been used increasingly by machine builders. Foreign partners of Robertpack began to build their own systems. It was partly due to this that Robertpack decided to increasingly use all its knowledge and experienced as a total supplier of complete projects. The most important foundation to this is production automation through the application of robotics.

Since 2005 the Fanuc robots have also been included in the product portfolio. This gives Robertpack a choice from a wide wide portfolio of highly diverse robots.

Picking, Packing, Palletising and Handling

The handling activities with which Robertpack had originally started have been reduced more and more throughout the years and are now limited to collaborations that fit in with the realisation of

complete lines with pickingpacking, palletising and handling.  The aim is to provide a good mix of standard (standalone) cells and tailor-made solutions.

Robertpack in 2020

Robertpack realises standalone picker cells, case packers and palletisers. Increasingly more complete systems are also being realised for which Robertpack assumes final responsibility for the project. The approach is always based on tailor-made solutions and providing optimal customer service. 50% of the staff at Robertpack work on developing (total) concepts, software, and technically advanced, mechanical solutions. The team is made up of a healthy mix of experienced specialists and enthusiastic young technicians.


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