Robertpack shows the robot debander for the beverage industry at the Drinktec in Munich  

The Robertpack debander robot: A unique system! 

At the Drinktec fair, we will show our debander robot. This robot locates, cuts and removes automatically plastic straps that are e.g. attached to pallets with empty cans. While feeding the strap into the shredder, it also checks whether a label is present on the strap.

Strap and label (if any) are separated!
When the shredder detects the label, it is cut out and separated from the strap. The advantage of this is separated waste:
1 waste stream with straps cut into small pieces and 1 waste stream with labels. The cut straps can be recycled. 

Suitable for different types of top frames
The Robertpack debander is suitable for different types of top frames such as steel, plastic and wood.

Watch a video of our robot debander here.       

Visit Robertpack at booth 405 in Hall B4 during the Drinktec which is held from 12 - 16 September in the Messe München.            



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