Robertpack Pick & Place cells:

  • Tailor-made solutions  
  • High capacity and efficiency
  • Also for loading thermoformers, flow packers etc.
  • Flexible and minimal changeover time 
  • Suitable for food and non-food applications

Robot Pick & Place systems

Robertpack Pick & Place cells

Robertpack has many years of experience in the development of robot pick & place solutions for rapid and repetitive transfer processes for a variety of products.
The solution, which is product-dependent, consists of a (product-specific) clamp gripper or a vacuum technology solution. The machines are available in stainless steel and coated finish. Case erector and case sealer, as well as quick-change systems, are also available in integrable configuration. We can also integrate a crate stacker and de-stacker.

The advantages of the Robertpack Pick & Place cells:

  • Robots with a capacity of up to 120 picks per minute/per robot
  • Modular design for addition of multiple robots
  • Suitable for various applications: tray/cassette loading, case loading, crate loading, etc.
  • Also for loading flow packers thermoformers, etc.
  • With vision & line tracking
  • Also suitable for wet areas
  • Robot can be (optionally) cleaned with foam
  • Gripper systems and hardware and software engineering are developed in-house.

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