Robertpack, the specialist in palletising solutions

Robertpack has been the specialist in robotic palletising solutions from day one.

Palletising involves loading a pallet with packed products (cases, pails, cans, bags, etc.) according to a specific pattern. The purpose of this is to load the pallet with the largest possible number of units.

Why use robots for palletising? 

  • Maximum freedom of movement
  • Flexible due to quick-change grippers
  • Multi-gripper with up to 16 segments (option)
  • Available with a great variety of grippers (option)
  • 1 robot often palletises multiple lines
  • Highly reliable technology
  • Favourable payback period

Benefits of robot palletising systems:  

  • Modular robot cell
  • Highly efficient and economically attractive solutions
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Very flexible with minimal changeover time
  • High capacity and efficiency
  • Reliable with minimal maintenance costs
  • 4, 5 and 6-axis robots with payload capacities of up to 1,200 kg.
  • For trays with or without shrink film, crates, cases, loose cans, bags, pails, etc.

Robotic palletising systems 

Robertpack robotic palletising systems are used for fast and efficient loading of pallets using a 4, 5 or 6-axis robot. Robertpack palletising systems are designed to product specifications. A Fanuc or Motoman robot is used, depending on the specific needs of the customer or our recommendation.


The robot is the central component of a cell in which pallets and products are transported. Our engineers develop the grippers, which move one or more transported units with the aid of vacuum suction cups, optionally in combination with a mechanical clamping system, in-house. Most grippers can handle one or more products. Our grippers are built for flexible use and can therefore handle different products at the same time. We are constantly developing new, innovative grippers that can usually perform a combination of actions. A multi-functional gripper head, for example, can de-stack empty pallets in preparation for palletising, palletise products in the right configuration, and automatically feed bottom and top sheets and layer pads onto pallets.


Our Software Engineers develop the software to enable the grippers to place the units onto the pallets according to a given configuration. Our robotic palletising systems are therefore delivered to the customer as a total solution, complete with dedicated software.

Robotic de-palletising system 

Besides developing robotic palletising systems, we also supply robotic de-palletising systems for both bags and cases, and all other products that have to be moved from one place to another.

Robertpack robotic palletising systems; flexible, innovative and reliable! 

Our palletising systems are developed according to three core principles: flexibility, high reliability and low maintenance costs. Our robotic palletising systems are designed for fast and flexible response to product change in order to keep downtime to a minimum. The systems are available in stainless steel and steel-coated finishes to suit the application requirements.

Robertpack palletising robots at Zuivelhoeve 

Zuivelhoeve recently invested EUR 1.5 million in the automation of its end-of-line packaging process. The palletising robots that Robertpack developed for this purpose fully meet the expectations. Watch the video.

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