ALPMA cutting technology

ALPMA cutting technology

From large to small, and when it involves cheese:

  • Perfectly cut from blocks or round cheeses.
  • Precise weight.
  • Hard cheese, soft cheese, with or without skin.
  • Cheese without holes, or with small or large holes.
  • Little waste, highest efficiency.
  • Fully automatic packaging lines for hands-off product handling.
  • Maximum hygiene.
  • 24-hour production.

ALPMA is very innovative in its field and offers:

  • Ultrasonic cutting technology.
  • Camera and X-ray scanning systems for fixed-weight cutting.
  • Outstanding efficiency, low "give away".
  • Fully-automatic lines for dividing into blocks to transfer into the packaging machine.
  • High capacities and highly reliable equipment.

Other applications:

The ALPMA ultrasonic cutting technology is also ideal for other difficult-to-cut food products, such as paté and pastries. 

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