Packing Elopaks "Schuddebuikjes" into cases

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Bolletje Heerde case study

Packing Elopaks "Schuddebuikjes" into cases 

The cases are erected by an automatic bedo case erector TypeVA1112E and then fed to the robot case loader.

The single packs are transported on a single lane conveyor in upright and oriented position, with the caps facing forward or backwards.

Using its clamp gripper, the robot grips the first 4 packs and places them upright into the case.

Then it repeats the same process with the second 4. The movement of the packs in the case can be easily controlled by the 6-axis robot control.


Pick & Place robot cell specifications: 

  • Pick & Place cell frame in stainless steel, modular design
  • Robot control placed in box integrated into the cell
  • Fanuc LR Mate robot
  • 6-axis robot
  • Protected by clear plastic panels

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