Robertpack packaging solutions for the Non-food industry

We also provide a broad range of applications for the so-called non-food industry. From primary product packaging to palletising and handling of tubs, cans and cases, etc.

We are also a reliable partner for the chemical and and pharmaceutical industry. We deliver and maintain a wide range of machines for various chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Our product portfolio for the non-food industry includes:

bedo Verpackungstechnik GmbH: Case erectors, case sealers and side loaders 

bedo Verpackungstechnik of Lübeck (G) has been a manufacturer of case erectors, case sealers, and side loaders for American folding cases, trays, wraparound packaging and display trays with lid packaging systems for 40 years.

The bedo Verpackungstechnik product portfolio includes:

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