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Robertpack is a connoisseur of all things cheese!

The cheese-processing industry has been familiar territory for Robertpack from day one.

Our years of expertise? Tailor-made solutions for:

  • Handling cheese; loading and unloading cases and foil-ripened cheese
  • Unpacking foil-ripened cheese
  • Dividing rectangular or round cheeses into fixed or variable-weight cheese portions or wedges
  • Packing various types of hard and soft cheese
  • Automatic loading of packaging machines; flow packers, thermoformers and top sealers
  • Case packing in cases or crates, SRP
  • Palletising and de-palletising of cases and crates

Our robot product portfolio for the cheese processing industry includes:


We are exclusive partner of ALPMA Maschinenbau of Rott am Inn (G)

Since 1947, ALPMA has been global leader in highly specialised machinery and system construction, especially for the cheese-producing and cheese-processing industry The ALPMA product portfolio includes:

bedo Verpackungstechnik GmbH: Case erectors, case sealers and side loaders

bedo Verpackungstechnik of Lübeck (G), has been a manufacturer of case erectors, sealers and side loaders for American folding cases, trays, wraparound packaging and display trays with lid packaging systems for 40 years.

The bedo Verpackungstechnik product portfolio includes:

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