Founded in 1976 by Rob de Groot, Robertpack Industrial & Packaging Equipment led the way as a pioneer of robotic technology in the Netherlands. In the 80s, Robertpack decided to venture into the business of building (Scara) robots. Buying robots was not an interesting proposition at that time.

Over the years, global robot vendors developed increasingly more and favourably priced robots that were also suitable for the packaging industry. Thus, in the mid-90s, the vendors decided to stop building robots and instead turned to integrating robots from other manufacturers.

New premises 

In its early years, Robertpack was located at the Pascalweg in Zwolle. In 2001, Robertpack moved to their present premises on the Benjamin Franklinstraat in Zwolle.

Yaskawa Motoman and Fanuc 

About 25 years ago, Robertpack introduced with resounding success the Yaskawa Motoman robots in the food industry, and gradually stepped up its use of Fanuc robots over the past 12 years. Which robot Robertpack chooses, depends on the customer's wishes as well as on the application.

ALPMA Maschinenbau of Rott am Inn (G) 

In 2003, Robertpack became the exclusive partner of ALPMA - the well-known brand in the cheese industry - for the Dutch market. ALPMA is a global leader in the development of cheese manufacturing, processing and packaging machines. As leader in packaging and handling solutions, Robertpack, promotes ALPMA's cutting and packaging lines in the Dutch market.

bedo Verpackungstechnik GmbH of Lübeck (G) 

In October 2011, Robertpack partnered exclusively with the renowned German company bedo Verpackungstechnik GmbH for the Dutch market. Bedo has been a manufacturer of case erectors, sealers, and side loaders for American folding cases, trays, wraparound packaging and display trays with lid packaging systems for 40 years. Robertpack is looking to install increasingly more complete lines. By integrating the bedo product portfolio into its operations, Robertpack is able to guarantee even better results. The collaboration between Robertpack and bedo works both ways. Depending on the application and the customer's wishes, bedo can now offer its customers in Germany a Robertpack robotic solution.

Ready for the future! 

Founder Rob de Groot's ultimate wish was that the staff would someday take over the company. That wish became a reality on 1 January 2013, when Dirk Franken (Managing Director), Bertus Visch (Project Manager) and Tom Niens (Service Manager) acquired Robertpack. They continue to maintain the company's vision and strategy. Robertpack currently has 25 employees and the new owners strive to maintain controlled growth, as growing big is not Robertpack's objective. Robertpack has a unique position in the Netherlands. With renowned brands such as Fanuc and Yaskawa Motoman on board, and the collaboration with bedo Verpackungstechnik and ALPMA Maschinenbau, Robertpack is ready for the future!

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