Robertpack delivers a complete packaging line to Kaas-Pack Holland in Hoogeveen

In 2020, Kaas-Pack Holland from Hoogeveen, awarded us the contract to supply a complete packaging line. It concerns the delivery of an automatic box erector, a robot cell with 2x Fanuc M3 picker robot for packing sliced cheese in boxes, a Siat box closer and a Fanuc M710 robot that palletises the boxes.

The complete line has been installed at Kaas-Pack and was recently put into operation to the complete satisfaction of the customer. 

Kaas-Pack has been a highly valued customer of Robertpack for many years. In 2009 we already delivered a caseloader with a Fanuc LRMate robot for packaging sliced cheese in boxes. In 2015 we installed a caseloader with a FanucM3 Deltapicker robot for packing bags of grated cheese in boxes. We also supplied a bedo box erector and Siat carton sealer for this line. 

Kaas-Pack is specialised in the customisation of cheese. They deliver custom-made products to the food industry and food service throughout Europe. From grating, slicing and cubing to customised moulds. The range in types is broad: from Gouda, Edam, Cheddar and Tilsiter to composite pizza and bakery mixes.


bedo 1415 case erector and a Robertpack robotcell with 2 Fanuc M3 Delta picker robots

Robertpack robot palletising cell with a Fanuc M710 palletising robot.


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